HP EVA Capacity and Performance Calculator – V2

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It has been a month or two since my first version of the EVA calculator. The greatest benefit is that I don’t get a lot of questions anymore 🙂
Link to previous post with ALL details explained (may 4th 2011)
Now why would I update it? Well, no matter how good your tools are, there is always room for improvement. This one is a best practise for the storage administrator and not really for the designer. There was one thing I didnt do before and it has to do with the occupancy alarm. The occupancy alarm is calculated according to the amount of disks and failover level. It shows you how much you can allocate in a pure healthy state (so that disks can fail before breaking de vRAID open). What I didnt do is giving the available free space until you hit the occupancy alarm level. So thats added here:

Another small detail is the currently allocated level. I don’t really think this one will help you technically but I needed it in my screenshots for a expansion report.

Footnote: very proud to have sold my first P6300 (new EVA) yesterday so there might come new updates in a few weeks.

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