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Finally I decided to create a decent home lab. Not only to run some tests but most of all to be able to show all of you in the conferences that I will attend reliable demo’s. You know what happens when you want to demo on a over-used network …

I’m not entirely sure if I will keep it running from home or if I will drop it somewhere in a hosting facility but for now it will stay very close to me 🙂
2 x Server:

HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8 Hot
Plug 8 SFF Configure-to-order Tower Server 652065-B21
  • HP ML350p Gen8 Intel E5-2603
  • HP 1Gb Ethernet 4-port 331i
  • HP Smart Array P420i
  • Eight (8) Hot-Plug (SFF)
    SAS/SATA Drive Bays
  • Seven (7) HDD blanks 
  • Ten (10) USB ports
  • Eight (8) PCIe 3.0 slots
    (3×16, 1×8, 4×4), One (1) PCIe 2.0 slot (1×4)
  • 4 x 16GB 2Rx4 PC3L-10600R-9 Kit
I also got 2 x Emulex 10GbE CNA’s with iSCSI, TCP/IP and FCoE offloading. They also support SR-IOV so yes, very much looking forward to do some testing with these.

I added 1 WD Caviar Green 2TB per Host (WD20EARX) for the time that I would like to take the lab with me without the SAN.

2 x Switch:

HP V1410-16G Switch – Switch – 16 x 10/100/1000 – desktop. THese are very cheap switches. You will notice that this is a stron contrast with the CNA’s … I KNOW! But I wasn’t ready to buy so expensive switches that would fully support them. Therefore I will try to use the CNA’s as Peer2Peer direct attached ones and use them only as a 10GbE Storage backend. This should make it possible for me to run some different VSA’s or even a Nexenta Cluster.

Drobo B1200i; LINK
In this model of the Drobo we have 6x2TB disks but also 3x200GB SSDs. The SSDs are OCZ Talos MLC drives. I blogged about Drobo before with how the B1200i actually works. I am very happy that I will finally be able to test this myself in a real use case.

The Plan: blogposts will follow

  1. Install ESXi 5.1 on first server
  2. Build infra basics incl vCenter and distributed switches
  3. Build Auto-Deploy for the Lab
  4. Build nested lab for Server 2012 Hyper-V
  5. Build fake production environment – the DEMO lab incl AD, Exch, SQL, …
  6. Throw all Veeam products at it!
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