Storage Field Day 1 | #SFD1

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Tech Field Day is an independent symposium for Enterprise IT in Silicon Valley. A few times a year some Enterprise IT vendors, start-ups and big boys, get the opportunity to present themselves in their best possible way to a very limited panel of technical analysts. Since this year those TechFieldDay events are held around themes like “Virtualisation” , “Networking“, “WireLess“. 

In 3 weeks the theme is Storage (Storage Field Day 1) and I am invited as one of the delegates. For the ones that will not be there with us: everything is live broadcasted on the Tech Field Day website and off course we’ll be taking questions from twitter at #SFD1

The #SSSS Solid State Storage Symposium is open for all interested people in Silicon Valley area. Have all the info you need about the schedule here and join us!

See here how these few days will look like:

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