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So a few weeks ago I wrote this great story about Jawbone going the extra mile and replacing my Jawbone UP which I have broken myself by taking it for a swim. Less than two months later I have an exact same thing happening to me. Here’s what happened, this time with Mophie.

I broke it …

They fixed it!

Stop bitching/whining:

Now here’s the point I want to make. Have a close look at what and how I talked about my broken products.


Have you seen how I did NOT put the blame on Jawbone because they didn’t make it waterproof? No, because in fact it is very well listed on their FAQ (frequently asked questions).


This time the product isn’t even broken! It’s just wearing off as I am a heavy user of the device. Mounting and unmounting the bottom of the Mophie in fact for the use of that Jawbone, always in my pants so gets hit quite a lot, … and yet again I didn’t blame Mophie but very clearly myself!

  • @hansdeleenheer: My @mophie is slowly breaking down on me. Nothing lasts in my hands. Probably time to upgrade again.
  • @mophie: That poor thing … visit us over at mophie/com/TS for warranty. We’ll see if we can help.
  • @hansdeleenheer: Thx @mophie I might do that although I cannot blame you for it. I consider it like driving 50.000 miles a year. The car is not abused but will age faster.

Well, you’ve seen the result in the picture above. I just received a new Mophie, again shipped directly from the US, no costs or strings attached. Even more: the old one still works and they don’t need it back! These were both examples of stories of which I am not quite sure they would have gone the same way if I was bitching about their poor quality of products. 

For companies listening:

In this line of events it’s definitely worth listening to Scott Stratton in his “UNpodcast episode 21” where he has a similar example with Beats by Dre headphones. His experience was even more effortless than mine. Here are two quotes from this episode you want to remember:

Never tell your customers they are in the wrong line!

To be amazing in business you only have to be mediocre because everybody else sucks!

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