Power savings with new DELL PowerEdge Gen12 servers

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Last week we had the HP Gen8 server release, yesterday we had DELL 12th Generation PowerEdge Servers release. There are many features both vendors have been working on at the same time. I’m thinking out of the OS hardware monitoring and management and some kind of read/write SSD caching. I’ll do some posting on this later when I have a decent match between the 2 (and versus EMC VFCache offcourse).

One of the other things I noticed is the power consumption technology DELL has developped. We know that DELL always works on the GreenIT so I was wondering what was new. One of the new power saving technologies is now the Hot Spare PSU (power supply unit). It means that you have the ability to enable this feature on one of the redundant power supplies and that the server will handle it as a hot-standby.

So here’s is a picture how the load is normally distributed between 2 active power supplies:

What happens when we put one PSU in Hot-Standby?
You’ll see a total LOSS of 10 Watts per server in normal action mode for the same load.

But what happens at peak moments? Do these power savings apply on higher usage too? NO. In the following graphic we’ll see that when the load hits over 50% the Hot-Standby technique will override the winnings of the lower consumption:
Even here DELL has found a solution and dynamicly changes the setting of the Hot-spare when it is not efficient enough resulting in the following scenario:

Below you can see the liveDEMO where this is all explained.
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