HP path(ways) to the Cloud

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Last December at HP Discover we had some insights in the Cloudsystem Matrix HP had build. We saw that they not only took care of provisioning storage and virtual machines but also the burst capabilities in cooperation with savvis

Last week HP announced officially that they will offer public cloud services too. It looks like HP thinks it is ready to go after Amazon AWS and MS Azure. Article: H.P. Attempts to Take On Amazon’s Cloud Service

To show us what is exactly in all the HP Cloud offerings HP has announced their new event “Pathways to the Cloud” throughout the states talking to customers and channel partners. Here you can find the entire schedule and agenda.

HP Pathways to the Cloud:

  • March 7th: Houston
  • March 8th: Boston
  • March 14th: Orange County
  • March 15th: Seattle
  • March 21st: Dallas
  • March 22nd; Atlanta
  • March 28th: Washington DC
  • March 29th: Chicago
  • April 3rd: New York
  • April 5th: Phoenix
  • April 11th: Denver
  • April 12th: Cincinnati
  • April 18th: Tampa
  • April 19th: San Francisco


  • Has HP forgotten about Europe and Asia? Why not doing such an event worldwide?
  • How long is it going to take the other big boys to come out and play? DELL, IBM, EMC, …
  • How competitive can a hardware vendor make it as a enterprise service provider?

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