Heritance of Folder Permissions in Outlook

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CASE: there is a new secretary and she(he) needs access to all inbox folders of her manager whitout having full control on the mailbox object.

ISSUE: everybody knows how to delegate permissions on an inbox or calendar. But did you also notice that it only applies to the folder you selected and NOT for all existing subfolders ? Classic examples: customers / suppliers / helpdesk / accountancy / … etc. with each another thousand subfolders 🙂

SOLUTION: When you don’t have the other thousand subfolders you could go over every folder manually. When you don’t want this, this is the only way (i found) to get the job done:

1) create new folder [TEMP]
2) MOVE all existing folders under your [inbox] to the [TEMP]
3) apply the permissions to the [INBOX] you wanted
4) COPY all those folders back to [INBOX]

So what happened? By default the permissions you gave did not apply to EXISTING subfolders but will aplly on all NEW folders.

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