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Last week DELL announced a new generation of Equallogic models. I think everybody knows the Equallogic concept by now: if you need to expand, just buy another member, put it in your rack and add it to your storage group in 5 minutes. And then? … Nothing. It just relevelles itself, distributes all volumes over all group members and if you have multiple disk or group types it will even do sub-lun-tiering for you according to the load of the data.

But what about those models. What fits best for me? Well, you got the models that are different by connection (2 x 1GbE, 4 x 1GbE, 2 x 10GbE), amount of disk slots (16, 24, 48) or drive type (NL SAS, SSD)

So I made an easy overview with the mostly used models (I left the 300GB versions out for example).
You’ll see that I did not mention the RAW capacity but the netto capacity according to best practise (RAID50 with 2 hotspares).

Edit: had a conversation with someone at Equalogic and he asked me to clarify that the XS/XVS is not 2 volumes as it might seem in my designs. It is one big volume. It is also not a RAID50 as all otherS but a RAID 6 with one hotspare.

One thing you should have noticed from the picture: the PS6100 controller finally got an OOB (Out-of-band) management port. This way you don’t need to give up one of the four iSCSI NICs. And if you did not want to give up that 4th iSCSI port (always in our case) you needed a management server in the iSCSI network. So Thanx for listening DELL (again).
Another positive note: all new models are already in VisioCafe!!!

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