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CASE: When a new user is made some other users (for example manager) need at least reviewer permissions on the calendar or inbox. This also handles existing users.
1) Download the PFDAVAdmin (Public Folders DAV Administration) files and copy them to a folder C:\Program Files\PFDavAdmin\
2) Download and install .NET Framework 1.1 first. Do not skip this step even if you already have .NET Framework 2, 3 or higher.
3) Create shortcut for your tools to desktop or start menu
4) On start fill in these settings:
Do not forget to select the All Mailboxes at the bottom
5) Go to the source user whom you want to change permissions
Expand the tree and expand the Top of Information Store
RightClick Calendar and select Folder Permissions
6) Add the user u want to grant permissions: 
7) Change Permissions and click Commit Changes
Footnote 1: This procedure can be used also for other mailbox folders s.a. INBOX or TASKS
Footnote 2: Beware that the operator who does this has the rights to change these settings on your CEO’s mailbox!
Footnote 3: I’m currently searching to make a script that gives everyone reviewer permissions. This will folow on a later blogpost.
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