VMworld wrap-up: this is Sparta!

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This is my thank you to the community at large. Not only has VMware built the biggest eco-system there is today in the datacenter industry, it also has by far the biggest and best community. Every VMworld I make new friends for life! Not just business connections, not just people to talk to over the common denominator being technology but true personal friends.

  • The type of friends you invite for a birthday dinner or even a wedding for that matter.
  • The type of friends that set up huge fund-raising campaigns when one of us faces the toughest periods in life.
  • The type of friends I will take PTO for to show them my country (call me!!!).
  • The type of friends that stand up for one another with no questions asked. We will bully the bullies, we will escort you to your room if you had one too many, we will respect you for who you are and take on anyone that would challenge that.
  • The type of friends that help me being a better person in life, whether that is through praise or preach.

THIS my friends is our SPARTA!

I hope to see you all real soon again and in the mean time, enjoy my set of #VMworld pictures. Feel free to download them at full size, re-use them wherever you need (yes dear vendor, you too) or tag yourself in my facebook album. While you are there, hit that friend request button if you haven’t done so before.

COMMENTS: tell me your best personal moment of VMworld 2014 in the comments section please! Share your Sparta.


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