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I am working on a lengthy post/presentation related to UNMAP on all levels of the stack (from Guest Volume to Physical disk). During my research I have noticed that there is no way for me to find out through the VMware HCL which arrays support T10 UNMAP. Therefor I need your help. If you find 5 minutes of your time I’d love to get a few details from your array.

  • Vendor + Model + Firmware
  • vSphere Version
  • VAAI Status (screenshot 2)
  • Thin Provisioning Status (screenshot 2)
  • Delete Status (screenshot 1)

Screenshot 1:

Look up datastore device name: # esxcli storage vmfs extent list

Show VAAI details: #esxcli storage core device vaai status get -d [device]


Screenshot 2:

Look up Thin Provisioning status: #esxcli storage core device list -d [device]


NOTE: I am NOT interested here in Deduplication / Compression / ZeroPageReclaim so please don’t start pitching your product in the comments.

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  1. Nimble Storage CS Array with NimbleOS 2.x
    vSphere 5.0.0
    VAAI Status: Supported
    Delete Status: Supported
    Thin Provisioning Status: yes

  2. Dell Compellent Storage Center firmware version 6.5.10 (SC8000, SC4020)
    vSphere 5.5 Update 1
    VAAI Status: supported
    Thin Provisioning Status: yes
    Delete Status: supported

  3. HP 3PAR 7400 3.1.2
    VMware vCenter Server 5.1.0 build-1235232
    Delete Status: supported
    Thin Provisioning Status: yes
    VAAI Status: supported

  4. EMC VNX 5500 (
    VMware ESXi 5.5.0 build-2143827
    VAAI Plugin Name: VMW_VAAIP_CX
    ATS Status: supported
    Clone Status: supported
    Zero Status: supported
    Delete Status: unsupported

  5. Netapp FAS2240 8.1.3P1 7-mode
    ESX 5.1 Update 2
    Delete Status: supported
    Thin Provisioning Status: yes
    VAAI Status: supported

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