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Sometimes you just lose it these days. Who’s who and why or when. So I made, actually for myself, a diagram of vendors that come across my path. For starters, I hope it is at least a correct diagram and second I would like to keep it up to date when new info arrives. So feel free If you miss some important alliances to fill them up.

Who’s Next?
Offcourse It immediatly raises some questions. One of the most important questions (in this diagram) now is who is going to buy CITRIX? Is it going to be Oracle as it was written in the stars or will the Unified Computing System alliance with Cisco lead to an aquisition?

What’s next?
As all the hardware alliances now have Computing, Storage, Network and Virtualization technology, what will be next? IMHO It will be archiving. Smart archiving will be the next hot thing in the datacenter. Especially now that all tier 1 storage vendors are using smart tiering for fast/slow/external/cheap storage.
So what are we looking at then? Symantec & Commvault

UPDATE 15/11/2010: EMC acquires ISILON
UPDATE 15/12/2010: DELL acquires Compellent (final agreement)

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