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I truly love it when people go above and beyond their paycheck to support people in need. A good recent example is where Duncan Epping went teaching in an orphanage in Vietnam as part of the Team4Tech program. I added all the links to his blog series about it at the bottom of this page.


This time I really want to give a big shout-out to arguably one of the biggest hearts in our technical community. Nick Howell, aka DatacenterDude, has saved his hair for a year to have it shaved off as part of the St-Baldricks project. Please watch his short 3 minute video on how and why here:

Now this is where we step in! I just noticed that Nick is at 30% of his $10.000 and we only have 1 more week.

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I know that there are people from a lot of vendors out there are watching this space. And I know there are a lot of #vExperts and #CiscoChampions out there as well. If you have it in your heart, this is one of those times where you step in! This is not just a shaving, this is not just a movember fling where you do this for a month and it’s over. No, this is Nick Howell who has saved his hair for over a year to be able to make this an awesome event. Nick is not just another vendor dude that happens to work for NetApp, this guy is real and deserves all the support we can give him!



Duncan’s Vietnam Trip

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