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Early july I get this phone call: “hey Hans, seems you are independent again. Would you like to come on our TechTrailblazers judge panel?” – HELL YEAH! Have you seen who’s in the panel? Have you seen the previous winners & runner-ups? I can’t wait to get the insights in young startups I might not have seen for myself.

So what is the TECH TRAILBLAZERS Award?

It’s global – Entries
are welcomed from around the world, from Hawaii to Istanbul, from Finland to
Australia. Innovation lives everywhere, and we’d like to hear about and reward
the finest. It’s focused on
enterprise technology startups only. We are focusing on: big data, cloud,
infosecurity, mobile, networking, storage, sustainable IT, emerging markets and
virtualization. In addition, new this year are Regional Cups which all
entrants are automatically submitted into. The program recognizes
and rewards technological and commercial innovation and entrepreneurial
excellence. Winners in each
category win mentoring from a leading vendor and VC and IPO boot camps, along
with thousands of dollars’ worth of prizes.

Who were the 2012 Winners & RunnerUps?

What’s this EarlyBird thing?

All entries are subject to an
administrative charge fee of $295. Early bird entries are $250 – Deadline is
August 12, 2013. Subsequent entries cost $150. The deadline for submissions to
be received is 23:59 on September 12th, 2013. 
Standalone entries for the Emerging Markets
category are at a subsidized fee of $50. All eligible companies from the
Emerging Markets region who are entering other categories can enter the
Emerging Markets free of charge.
All eligible companies will be submitted to
their Regional Cups free of charge. No separate entry form is required.

Where to subscribe?

Download the entry form HERE and upload it through this form.
Here is the official landing page for more information

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