set ACTIVE USER to AutoAccept Meeting Requests when offline

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CASE: we needed a resource that could be reserved for LiveMeetings (Microsoft Roundtable). This user also needed to be ACTIVE because the system will be provided with a mini-pc that is configured to automaticaly boot with that user and log on to Outlook Calendar.

ISSUE: An active user cannot AutoAccept Meeting Requests when Offline. this would have the consequence that only when user is active, it will reply all pending meeting requests.


1) Change mailbox to an equipment type:
set-mailbox -Identity “Mailbox Name” -Type Equipment

2) Change Access Rights on that mailbox for a different user:
Add-MailboxPermission -Identity “Mailbox Name”
-user “User name to grant rights”
-AccessRights FullAccess

3) LogOn to OWA (with that user)
click on your username (top right) and select “Open Other Mailbox”
Type “Mailbox Name” and open
GO to “Options” (top right)
In the main page at the bottom you will find “Resource Settings”
Activate the “Automaticaly Accept”
Disable Reminders
Disable “Allow Conflicts”
Allow “Recurring Meetings”
Aht the permissions select 3 times “Everybody”
Save and Close

4) Go to ADUC (Active Directory Users and Computers)
Enable the resource mailbox USER

REMARK: especially this last method seems not to be ‘Catholic’ to me because it is against the nature of a resource mailbox (in E2K7) to be an active user. But Somehow the Exchange Server remembers the resource settings when activated again. Need to be monitored after implementation.
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