Independent Technical Marketer is the title I go by, helping technology vendors with their brand management is the broader picture of what I cover.

Technical Marketing


  • Corporate Blog: a corporate blog is not the place where you copy your press releases. Its the place where you funnel your thoughts. It’s ok if those thoughts are about your products but this is the place where you share what you think about it.
  • White Paper: this is where research, writing and editing come together in a neatly finished product that is easily digestible and distributable. This is where R&D, Product Management and Marketing come together.
  • Ghost writing: end of the year predictions or answering a competitors attack requires the responsibility of a senior level voice, though curated through a brand manager to avoid losing touch with the field.
  • Competitive analysis: spreading FUD in public is horrible but sales teams need battle-cards to win projects. The more honest and in touch with the field, the greater chance of actually winning in the end. Your strengths are not always the ones Product Management tells you they are, it’s what the audience (customers & industry) tell you.

Public Speaking

Choosing the right person to represent the company in public is difficult. The truly technical people usually lack enough skills to entertain an audience, the people that have the skills to be on stage usually lack the technical background to truly understand the technology they stand for. So they will either become boring or fail at Q&A time. You can train an engineer into marketing but you can hardly train a marketer to be an engineer. Add in some natural skills of entertainment and I’m your man!

Audio & Video

Audio & Video are two important types of content going forward. That being said turning your current polished content into audio and video will not work. People want to listen to raw and uncut, honest and unscripted content. So it’s not just a different type of platform, it’s a different style of messaging. Here are just a few AV content types I can cover:

  • Interviews: founders, investors, product managers, sales guys or even a customer; they all have a reason of wanting to talk about you. Having an interviewer that knows which questions to ask and when makes this look natural and making you want to see more.
  • 10-minute features: whether it’s whiteboarding or recording a live demo: short and to the point is what you need. No intro, just hard facts. Remove the boring.
  • Academy Class: 1hr or more training needs proper preparation, goes slower and structured so the viewer feels comfortable absorbing the information.
  • Webinar: whether it’s a technology webinar or a bloggers briefing, making sure it’s more than a powerproint presentation is key. Give your audience something worth listening to that they cannot get from coming to one of your events and most importantly: know your audience and adjust both the speaker and the content.
  • Podcast: a podcast is an easy way of creating a long lasting relationship with your regular audience. The challenge here is not only the content but also the quality and the feedback.

Brand Management

  • Social Media: or media in general. How do you express your corporate DNA in public? What do we speak about and what don’t we speak about? Is the way we react as a team aligned to what our customers expect from us? I’m still pretty new to Social Media or a specific platform, how can I handle this? 
  • Community Management: are we talking and engaging with our current and future customers or are we talking at them? How can we use their inbound voice to enhance our strategies and products? How can we have them talking to each other? Who in our company should be curating that voice?
  • Market fit: the technical product roadmap is one thing, talking about it in the right way to the right people is another. 

What’s Next?

A la carte: you want one specific blogpost or whitepaper, I calculate the days of work I’ll need to do research, writing and polishing.

All you can eat: you hire me for a specific time in months and all services mentioned before are included. From traveling around the world for public speaking to writing blogposts in my living room. The unfiltered feedback you’ll get anyhow is for free 🙂

Buy the restaurant: as I have worked for a vendor before I am not afraid of being the most passionate guy for your products if your corporate DNA is a fit as well. Don’t hesitate on sending me an offer I can’t refuse 😉

Advertise in the entrance hall: if you want to sponsor this blog as an appreciation of my independent voice in the industry, I will be most grateful for that.


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