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Hans De Leenheer / HaDeLe Services bvba
Eigenlo 42 / B-9140 Temse / Belgium
Mobile: +32 476 263864 / Skype-In: +1 650 3197355 / skype: hans.de.leenheer
Email: hansdeleenheer@gmail.com


Born in 1980 in Belgium, where I still live with my lovely wife Lynn (@LynnStruylaertand our 2 gorgeous daughters Marie (2006) and Kaat (2009).  As far of hobbies are concerned we are a pretty musical family in which everyone plays an instrument. In 2015 I started a competitive Barbecue Team called Smokey The Boar (website / facebook / instagram) so food is definitely a big part of our social life.


After being a school dropout at 18 I started working and thought I might make it that way.  My professional life has been a roller coaster from bar-tender (what else if you are a dropout), into the graphical industry as DTP-operator, Graphical Designer to Project Manager. In the mean while I did an after-school education for Network Engineer and rolled into IT like that. Systems Admin, System Engineer, Implementation Consultant & Solutions Team lead for Systems Integrating companies. It’s not that I switched companies that much but I tend to switch roles every two years.

My last challenge was being EMEA Evangelist at Veeam Software, a company that does Data Protection for Virtualized Environments (VMware & Hyper-V). Right now I am back on the independent side, doing the same thing as a contractor for younger startups or companies that need “burst capacity” on big events or new product releases.

Disclaimers: if I have been supported in any way by a vendor that will always be mentioned at the end of each blogpost! For paying customers of HaDeLe Services go just to the bottom of this page.  



Companies that hired my services:

Pure Storage

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