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Yes, this one is sad news. I have been informed that Veeam EMEA has no more need of my services. They have ensured me that this has been a business decision on the long term and has no personal reasons. On the positive side: I have never had a job that I loved so much, and never worked for a company (and team) that I loved so much. Not to forget this awesome product that I could ‘evangelize‘ for. A big Thank You to Veeam and all colleagues for this opportunity.

So what’s next? I have no idea. As of today I am open for any option out there. I might take a few weeks/months sabbatical, I also might join you tomorrow. Can you handle the IT Hulk? Look at this guy below and think twice before you take him on board 😉

Disclaimer: I have a lot of people asking me for the real reason why my contract has been terminated. In full disclosure I am still guessing like all of you are. This is the official statement I got (through 2nd hand):

After careful consideration with the EMEA team, it was decided that the position of EMEA Evangelist for VMware was not necessary considering the skilled pre-sales staff we have across EMEA.

Update Feb 13, 2014: One of my best friends in the industry, Luca Dell-Oca, has signed today as the new EMEA Evangelist at Veeam Software (blogpost). I wish him good luck. Apparently the pre-sales were not skilled enough, Veeam?
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