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Today I got this really short but AWESOME e-mail message:

You have been added as a member of:
Group: DELL TechCenter Rockstars

Total members: 14

What happened previous to this message? 

Maybe you’ve heard me saying this before but one of the best quotes that describes DELL and its workers is “DELL LISTENS”. And if someone listens, you feel appreciated and are more willing to listen and cooperate too. This is what happened/happens to me here. 
I do allot of presales work on DELL Enterprise servers and storage and every time I have questions (and these can go very far) the DELL people act fast and reliable on helping me win these opportunities. Sometimes I even wonder if they have someone waiting for my questions 🙂

So how do I contribute? 

  • For starters I practically live my life online and especially on twitter. I don’t hesitate contributing in discussions or even helping other people (customers/resellers). 
  • A second stage of contribution is that I try to contribute to the weekly “DellTechCenter TechChat” on their website. I really do not understand why we don’t get at least double to triple the amount of contributors because the level of participation from the DELL people is extreme. Good thing the chat transcripts are available afterwards.
  • Off course this blog. You’ll find about 40% of my blogs going to DELL stuff, another 40 to “the other vendor” and the rest is Enterprise Tech global.
  • Events: in January Dell invited me as a blogger to Dell Storage Forum London and in a few weeks I will be panel member at Storage Field Day in Silicon Valley, where DELL also will have a speaking slot.

What does it bring to the table?

Exclusive Privileges:
•         Monthly update from Dell TechCenter on hot issues, support updates, product news, etc.
•         Access to private forums for connecting with Dell and each other
•         Quarterly meetings with groups across Dell, support, product development, marketing, etc
•         Membership in TechCenter Program Advisory Council
•         Receive early messaging and “insider  information under NDA
•         Invitation to exclusive pre-release briefings
•         1st pass invitation into the beta-programs
•         Exclusive Dell party invitations

Exclusive Benefits
•         Annual program gift
•         Certificate/Award
•         Logoed merchandise
•         Access to beta programs and early product reviews
•         Participation in Dell events (Discounted Dell events, user groups, etc.)

Will keep you posted here or on twitter!

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