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It’s about time I got my own blog.

For a few years now I’m working as a Sytem Engineer in the SmallBusiness area of Microsoft. This includes offcourse SmallBusinessServer W2K3 but also Symantec BackupExec and Endpoint Protection, VMware Infrastrucure, Citrix Presentation Server, mailflow, networking infrastructures, etc.
At this time I’m already 3 months working in a bigger ICT environment (+100 engineers) for the InternalICT department. This adds items as Altiris Deployment Server, HP SIM, Microsoft System Configuration Manager, Exchange 2007, and so on to the agenda.
So after beating your head thousands of times searching for some solutions, you want to share those results. Therefore this BLOG.
Do NOT hesitate to react on my posts with additional information or faults you see.
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