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Welcome to this Special edition of my non existing podcast that for the occasion will be called “the right to answer“. My guest is Chad Sakac, Senior Vice President for Global Presales Technical Resources at EMC

That was the introduction of the webcast you can review below. To give it some perspective; early September EMC had a big marketing event called Speed2Lead. As usual EMC events get a lot of traction from the market. Not everyone always agrees wth their messaging (like myself). The last part of the announcements was “Project Nile” on which I wrote a blogpost called “Is Project Nile more than ViPRware?“. And also as usual I can be loud and obnoxious, but eager to be proven wrong. So Chad took that call and offered to do a webchat  with any questions I wanted to ask.

So here is Chad’s right to answer

Note: you might also want to listen to this week’s SpeakingInTech podcast where Chad does almost the same story to Greg and Ed but also acknowledges slightly that he is NotAppy from time to time with how things get announced and EMC is also still eager to learn from that.


Chris Evans (Architecting.IT) writes his view to this webcast; What’s EMC’s Project Nile?

Disclaimer: EMC is NOT paying me IN ANY WAY to write this post or webcast.
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