convert Exchange 2003 Resource Mailboxes to Exchange 2007 meeting rooms

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CASE: two site locations have several meeting rooms that were used as resource mailboxes in Exchange 2003. After the migration to Exchange 2007 they have to be migrated to the new feature “meeting rooms”.
1) Convert a Resource Mailbox from Exchange 2003 to 2007
On the Exchange server:
All Programs – Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 – Exchange Management Shell
C:> Set-Mailbox -Identity mailboxname -Type Room
Available types are: Regular – Room – Equipment – Shared
2) Convert Resource Mailbox with “Auto-Accept Agent”:
The Auto-Accept Agent for Exchange 2003 Resource Mailboxes is not required for Exchange 2007 because it supports Automatic Booking.
A. Unregister the Auto-Accept Agent: Look for the “RegisterMailbox.vbs” script under %Program Files%\Exchsrvr\Agents\AutoAccept
C:> cscript RegisterMailbox.vbs /u /m:””
B. Convert Resource Mailbox tot 2007 Room (cfr. Step 1)
C. Set the Resource Mailbox to Auto Accept from Management Shell:
C:> Set-MailboxCalendarSettings -Identity mailboxname -AutomateProcessing AutoAccept
3) Convert Resource Mailbox with “Auto-Booking”
A. In the Outlook 2003 Resource Mailbox:
a. Menu: Options – select Calendar Options
b. Select Resource Scheduling and clear the Automatically Accept meeting requests and process cancellations.
B. Convert Resource Mailbox tot 2007 Room: cfr. Step 1)
C. Set the Resource Mailbox to Auto Accept from Management Shell (cfr. Step2.c)
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