Change language setting of Out-Of-Office message (OOO)

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CASE: in our environment the subject of the Out-Of-Office messages was in dutch [niet aanwezig] but we prefer to have this in English [Out-of-office]. Can we change this per user, can we change this for everyone and where?

After searching and testing with OWA and Outlook it seemed the solution was only available on the Exchange Server.

Solution: Go to your Exchange Management Shell and run following command:
set-mailbox -Identity <"user"> -languages en-US
Other pssible options are fr-BE / fr-FR / nl-BE / …

Options: If you want this to run for several users combine the command with a get-mailbox.
Example: get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit “all_users” | Set-Mailbox -languages en-US
If you want to know on which users this wil apply you can previously do a get-mailbox -OrganizationalUnit | Out-File C:\users.txt

Troubleshooting; I used the combined script for the OU “CORPORATE_USERS” but got following error message for some users; WARNING: The command completed successfully but no settings of <"USER"> have been modified.
It got solved by changing everyone to another languages and changing back again to en-US.

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