Belgian VMUG is 20!

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Well now, we are at number 20. It’s a small country and VMUGs used to be equally small over here. But as the VMware community grows, the events grow as well. Last year one of our biggest events was the VMUG #17, bloggers edition. But this year, this event will go beyond that; we have even more and bigger international speakers, we are continuously working on bringing in real use case speaking slots with locals and there will be a ton of networking before and after the event.

Guest Speakers

We are very very proud to announce as our keynote speaker mr. Chad Sakac! Not only is Chad the most well known public speaker for EMC (now that Chuck Hollis is at VMware), he is also an online artist in the clips “EMC Style” & “CloudFready” and a cameo at the very end on this year’s superhit “CloudShop“.

What can you do more if you have Chad as opening keynote? Well, we have Joe Baguley, VMware CTO EMEA, that will join us to wrap the event up at the very end. I have met Joe at several occasions in the last year, mostly at VMUGs. Joe is a very passionate peoples person, not shy of answering straight, even to questions other vendor reps would try to avoid. I like his no-BS style. 

Now this guy keeps coming back in my blogs lately 🙂 
First we had a VP, we had a CTO and to close my top 3 list of speakers at VMUGbe #20 we have no less than CEO of Nutanix, Dheeraj Pandey. I had the honor having Dheeraj as my very first guest for my VMworld CEO Tour in August. You can review the recording here.

We are super proud to have Vaughn Stewart, Chief Evangelist for PureStorage for the first time in Belgium. PureStorage has gained a lot of attention both from the technical community as from the Venture Capitals. After spending half his life at NetApp I know Vaughn is very motivated in his new role.

Event Details

  • Date: December 5th
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD
  • Landing page: LINK & start your registration here

The Trailer

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