Backup Exec 2010 – install Linux Agent

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I’m not that great at Linux OSses (or even just ‘Syntax’ for that matter) so each time I have to do something I need to go back to previous notes or cursing myself for hours when I didn’t do that same job before. Therefore I’m a freak at taking screenshots, pasting in a Word doc and save to C:\procedures 🙂

So here’s a HowTo for installing the Linux Client for Symantec BackupExec. If you know the steps it takes you no more then 5 minutes.

Prerequisite: mount the BackupExec Install DVD to the Linux server. Most of the time our server is a VM so for me it works best to put the ISO (temporary) in a shared datastore.

Step 1) Install the agent

Step 2) Start the agent

Thats all! Couldn’t go easier … if I knew what to do the first time 😉

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