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As promised at the last #VMUGbe (#17) I did deliver a session for the latest #VMUGbe (#18) november 9th. Although I did switch to ‘the dark side’ in between now, I do try to keep up with some independent storage talk. One of the things I have been involved with this year, partially due to the Storage Tech Field Day 1 trip, is flash storage. What is it, who are they, what are the differences. 

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Part 1:
Basics of storage placement, from DRAM to Cloud tape. The advantages of fast and close versus slow and far away. Cost versus SLA.

Part 2:
What is FLASH? SLC, MLC, TLC, eMLC and future products like ReRAM, NRAM, PCM, … 

Part 3: 
Where is the Flash and who are the players. 
  • In Server: DRAM: in memory databases (SQL/Hadoop) or L1 cache (Nexenta) / Server side flash: tiering versus caching ( FusionIO, Micron, EMC Lightning, …) / new kids around the blocks: VNMe – SCSIe
  • All Flash arrays: commodity hardware ( Kaminario) / build your own eMLC / smart filesystem flash offloading (PureStorage) / Purpose build PCIe (Violin) / and many others
  • Tiered/Hybrid SAN solutions: legacy vendors (HP/DELL/EMC/…) versus startups. No RAID (NimbleStorage) / Dedupe/Compression & Offload (Tintri) / L1-L2-… offloading to disk (Nexenta) / Building blocks (Nutanix)

Part 4:
Virtualised flash solutions: VSAs could run Enterprise storage in local storage SSDs (vSphere Storage Appliance / Nexenta VSA for View). 

Part 5:
What did VMware do?
  • Swap to SSD (5.0)
  • SMART – query your SSDs
  • vSphere distributed storage
  • from VAAI to VASA
  • and beyond to vVols
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